Spring Has Sprung

The days are getting longer and you may have noticed that it’s still light out after your dance classes are finished, how exciting! Inside the studio, preparations are underway to get recital costumes out to families, you will be contacted when it’s your turn for your curbside costume pick-up.

Virtual April Break Camp

Registration is open for our Virtual April Break Camp that will run from April 12 – 16 We have an awesome virtual camp planned for you!

Sign up online, or by emailing or calling us. Camp is open to children age 4 – 10 years.

We have Half Day Camp (9am – 12pm / $250) or Full Day Camp (9am – 4pm / $350). Before and After Care is available.

April is CORE month

This month we’re spotlighting our SSOD Core Values. Each week will focus on a different Core Value paired with a Core exercise.

Week One (April 5-10) Value: Commitment
Exercise: Planks and Side Planks

Sample Questions: What do you think commitment means? How do you commit to dance each week? How can you commit to your fellow dancers? Week Two (April 19-24) Value: Kindness and Respect Exercise: Russian Twists

Sample Questions: How do kindness and respect go together? How can we be kind and respectful to ourselves? How can we be kind and respectful to others?
Week Three (April 26-May 1) Value: Inclusivity
Exercise: V-Sit

Sample Questions: What does it mean to be inclusive? How does it feel when you’re not included? How can we make sure we’re including others?
Week Four (May 3-8) Value: Community Exercise: Bicycle Crunches

Sample Questions: What does it mean to be part of a community? How is Swansea School of Dance like a community? How can we be good members of our community?
Week Five (May 10-15) Value: Creativity Exercise: Scissors

Sample Questions: What does it mean to be creative? How can we be creative within set exercises?

Grad Feature – Clea Sheldrick
by Ms. Michelle

As I sat down to write about our grad Clea I realized a few things. First that I have known this human since birth! Clea’s mom and I met when we both worked at Retrofit Pilates Studio years ago. Michelle and I ended up being pregnant in the same year! Sorry to owner and founder Barbara Grant!

Clea came to class at the age of three with so much excitement and joy of movement. She has been a huge part of SSOD. Some of our students assist classes in the before times and Clea assisted for many many years. I have witnessed Clea becoming a leader and someone that our young dancers can look up to. Clea in the dance studio has always worked calmly and studiously. I have appreciated her calm approach nestled in between the high energy of classes and performances. She observes which will serve her well in her future adventures. Clea is a beautiful and natural mover.

We have shared great moments together, teaching young dancers and we have shared great moments of achievement for Clea personally on and off stage. I am confident that Clea has a bright future ahead of her and I can’t wait to see where she will go next. We will miss Clea but she knows she is always welcome “home” with her SSOD family.

Dance Craft

Why not try this fun dance themed craft while you’re at home during the April Break. All you need are: some coffee filters, markers and colourful pipe cleaners.

Ms. Sunny’s tween modern is spending some time working on isolations. Smooth and staccato. Lots of great exploration and discoveries are being made.Class Features

Miss Michelle’s young ballet classes are going to visit some character dances in April. This is fun switch from our classical ballet structure.

Ms. Christy’s modern classes are working with objects to explore weighted qualities of movement. They’re also working with Mr. Larry on “matching” and “opposing” their movements with music.

Ms Amy’s Inter Tap 2 class will be doing presentations this month based on research they began during Black History Month.

Ms Heathers classes did a week of 80’s themed warm-ups in class. Rad, Ms Heather!

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