Mini Movers Performances

When: Saturday June 8th

Where: SSOD 1 Windermere United Church Sanctuary includes: (Pre-school 1, Pre-school ½, Pre-school 2, Pre-Primary Ballet, Superboys, Rhythm Boys, Mini Jazz/Tap, Mini Hip Hop, Mini Acro, Junior Dance Buddies).



Show 1

Arrival Time: 10:00

Show: 10:30am 

Show 2

Arrival Time: 12:00

Show: 12:30pm

Show 3

Arrival Time: 


Show: 2:30pm 

Show 4 

Arrival Time: 4:00

Show: 4:30pm 


Pre-School 1 Saturday  


Pre-School ½ Wednesday

 (Rowen and Meghan)

Pre-School ½ Saturday  9:45am

(Michelle DB)

Mini Jazz Sunday (Lauren) 

Starry Night

2 Year Music and Movement, Saturday and Sunday 


2 Year Music and Movement, Saturday and Sunday 


2 Year Music and Movement, Saturday and Sunday


2 Year Music and Movement, Saturday and Sunday 


Fairy Dust

Pre-School 2 Monday 


Junior Dance Buddies 


Pre-School 2 Saturday)


Pre-School 2 Sunday 



Rhythm Boyz 


Mini Hop Hop Saturday


Superboys Wednesday 


Mini Tap Sunday 


Magic Wind

Pre-Primary Ballet Friday  


Pre-School ½ Saturday 10:00am  


Mini Acro Friday  


Pre-School 1 Thursday 




Pre-Primary Ballet Saturdays 9:00am

(Michelle DB) 

Pre-Primary Ballet Saturdays 10:45am 


Pre-Primary Ballet  Thursdays (Lauren) 

Pre-Primary Ballet Wednesdays 


Show Tix:



We are excited to reveal our Year End Show dates and theme!

This year, our performances will be ‘Peter Pan’. This is an exciting opportunity for all of our dancers to perform in front of parents, grandparents, family and friends!Peter Pan.png

BIG Year End Show (Dancers Primary level, Level 1 and up)

When:  Tues May 28, Wed May 29, Thurs May 30, Friday May 31

Where:  Isabel Bader Theatre * NEW THEATRE LOCATION!

93 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

What Show is my dancer in: 

Purchase your tickets online here: 

Show 1

Show 2

Show 3

Show 4 


Silks Show- Sat May 11th

We are excited to present this years showcase of our Silks Program! The performance will be held at here at SSOD1, 356 Windermere Avenue on Saturday May 11th.

The shows will be at 4pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm. The dancers are required to be at all three shows in order to put on the best performance possible for each audience. 

Tickets available here:

Silks Dress Rehearsal

Friday May 10th – All classes both Tuesday and Friday will attend this rehearsal from 6:15-7:45pm.
The Friday schedule will be:
Foundations 2
Dress Rehearsal

Again the actual show will be on Saturday May 11th in three shows.