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What our clients say

Swansea School of Dance has been providing our nursery school with engaging Dance Enrichment classes for over a decade. Our Preschool students are always excited to have Ms. Michelle visit! Her approach to teaching young children interesting ways of moving to music is nothing short of creative and inspiring! Children are encouraged to express themselves in a non-competitive environment that builds their skills in multiple areas of development. Thank you SSOD for enriching our school program!

Audrey Robinson
Supervisor, RECE at Time for Play Nursery School

This is my second year of tap, in a year of many firsts: online classes, dancing in my living room (and ignoring my family as they watch). And I’m so grateful. Once a week, I get to live fully in the moment ~ thinking of nothing else but my next step, moving to music and having fun! Exercise and novelty keep our brains happy, so it’s no wonder at the end of class both my brain fog and spirits have been lifted. Thank you, Christy, your class has been a lifesaver in a year of firsts for us all!

Adult Intermediate Tap Student

Swansea School of Dance is simply the best! Here my girls have found their love for dance with teachers that are very dedicated and encourage all dancers to enjoy the experience of dance in the most beautiful and inclusive way. My daughters have not only learned to dance for the past 10 years, they have learned so much more…discipline, respect, self-confidence, kindness and community. I feel this is the reflection of Michelle the Director and her staff. They are very conscientious with attention to the dancers, their family needs and the community that we live in. We are very lucky to be a part of this amazing, friendly and welcoming dance community!”


We love Swansea School of Dance!  Miss Michelle and her instructors have created a beautiful space for dancers of all ages and skill levels to come and learn. Our family is very grateful to have SSOD in our community.”


SSOD has been an important part of our lives since my daughter was 3 yrs old. We love the variety of dance that is offered, the many performances that go on during the year, and the proximity to both her school and our home so that we can walk to and from lessons. I also appreciate the fact that SSOD is very community oriented and involved with various charities, mental health causes and food banks. 


SSOD has been a huge and meaningful part of our daughter’s life since she was a little girl. Swansea helped her to develop her dance talent, as well as her confidence and grace. The Swansea team are caring, talented and enthusiastic about every student’s success and development.