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Return to Dance 2021/2022

Please take a moment to watch this video and familiarize yourself with the protocols that have been implemented in accordance with Toronto Public Heath and Dance Safe Ontario.

***Update Sept 2021 – Masks are mandatory in all classes

Welcome Back

  • We have prepared the studio to meet the strict health and safety guidelines put forth by the Toronto Public Health and Dance Safe Ontario. Class size will be limited to allow for physical distancing and a number of new protocols have been put in place. Our cleaning schedule has increased and there will be sanitization between each class. Physical distancing is required at all times, masks must be worn to enter or exit the building, masks are worn while dancing. Unfortunately, at this time, only students enrolled in classes will be allowed entry into the building and our lobby and change rooms will be closed.

Upon Arrival

  • When you arrive at the studio either by car, bike or on foot line up along the sidewalk and wait for a staff member to greet you. This staff member will spray your hands with sanitizer and check your temperature prior to entering the building. If you are feeling sick, we kindly ask you to stay home and do an online, virtual class with us. Any student showing visible signs of sickness or with a temperature will be sent home. If you’re feeling unwell or you’ve potentially been exposed to covid-19 please refer to the “decision tree” below.

Entering the Building

  • Once you’re inside you will notice physical distancing stickers on the floor please wait your turn to proceed to the studio. Please remove your shoes at the top of the stairs and place them in a cubby as directed by a member of staff.

Entering your Studio

  •  When you enter the room, put your bag in your designated spot. Now is the perfect time to stretch as you wait for the rest of your classmates to join you. Masks are mandatory at all times.


  • If you need to use the washroom, there are more social distancing stickers to line-up and wait your turn if necessary. The washroom will be sanitized after each use.

Option to Zoom

  • For September all of our studios will also be assembled with live Zoom online streaming. If you are sick and need to stay at home, or self-quarantine you can still be a part of class. If you don’t feel comfortable joining us in the studio, just yet, you can also take a virtual class with all your favourite teachers and friends. If at any time the studio is forced to close temporarily, the full schedule of classes will immediate shift to online. This way you can still connect to your community, teacher and friends. You can find your classes zoom link in your “parent portal”.


  • Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic and gymnastic elements. Your dancer may have physical, hands on corrections but many of the skills you already know can be done without hands on teaching. We will focus on strength, flexibility, contortion and dance technique.


  • Our silks program will also be a bit different in the fall. Class sizes will be limited and more intimate. Each dancer will have their own silk, one post may be shared by a two silks. Silks are sanitized in between each class.
  • We know that these changes are going to make the studio feel a bit different. We are committed to providing you with quality dance instruction by professional teachers, while prioritizing the safety of everyone entering our studios.

If You’re Dancing From Home

Preparing Your Space

Find a space in your home that you can easily clear so that it’s suitable for dance class. If you can safely move furniture out of way, do so.

Consider the surface that you’ll be dancing on, it may be more slippery (wooden floors), more sticky (carpet) than the floors at the dance studio. If you’re dancing on tile, be aware that the floor may be uneven.

Select appropriate footwear once you’ve tested out your dance surface.

Preparing For Class

You are still expected to follow the Swansea School of Dance dress code, as outlined here Dress Code

Don’t forget your water bottle.

During Class

Follow the instructions of your teacher but don’t attempt anything that feels unsafe in your space or in your body.