Dance Teachers in Swansea

Alanna Pierias



Alanna Pierias was born in Toronto, Ontario where she began dancing at the age of four. At the age of eleven, she found her way to Swansea School of dance where she studied ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance, and completed RAD ballet examinations. Combining her love of dance with academia, she pursued her Bachelor of Science degree at University of Ottawa studying kinesiology and the human body. During this time, she kept her love of dance through workshops and drop-in classes both at the University and at an Ottawa based dance school. Returning to Toronto to complete her Masters Degree in Kinesiology, Alanna couldn’t stay away from her home – SSOD! Currently pursuing her PhD in Kinesiology and Neuroscience, Alanna is passionate about using her education to inform dancers of the proper and safe ways to manipulate their bodies in dance, and the many benefits dance has on so many aspects of life. Alanna is thrilled to share her knowledge and love of dance at the studio where her love and passion for dance first began.