Dance Teachers in Swansea

Sunny Horvath



The first piece of choreography Sunny ever created was to the Beatles “Octopus’ Garden” when she was four years old and made her family sit on the kitchen floor to watch her perform under the table: she has been making up dances ever since. When she was a sixteen year old environmental activist she co-founded the company earthdancers who have been producing annual benefit performances for various environmental groups since 1990. Sunny keeps a close connection with the company and continues to return as a guest artist or choreographer every couple of years.

Sunny moved to Toronto when she was seventeen and attended the School of Toronto Dance Theatre where she was a scholarship student and apprentice with the company. In 2000 she discovered comedy and co-founded Company Blonde Dance Projects with SSOD Artistic Director, Michelle DeBrouwer and Monica Dottor and has been having the time of her life creating, performing and producing work with these amazing women ever since.

“I have worked with so many wonderful humans over my hundred years and the talented staff at SSOD inspire me daily. Don’t get me started on the children…they make me cry with their fearless artistry and fill my soul every year. I’m thrilled to be here celebrating this 20th anniversary with Michelle.”